About Autism Women's Network

Welcome to AWN!

The mission of the Autism Women’s Network is to provide effective supports to Autistic women and girls of all ages through a sense of community, advocacy and resources.

The Autism Women’s Network is dedicated to building a supportive community for Autistic women of all ages, our families, friends and allies.  AWN provides a safe space to share our experiences in an understanding,  diverse and inclusive environment.

AWN is committed to recognizing and celebrating diversity and the many intersectional experiences of Autistic women.  The Committee on Autism & Ethnicity was established to highlight the impact of race and culture on Autistic lives.  This committee is working toward finding ways to support individuals and families in multiple marginalized populations.

DIVERgent: when disability & feminism collide is an initiative of Autism Women’s Network that seeks to explore the impact of sexism and ableism in disabled and nondisabled communities.  DIVERgent  is run exclusively by disabled women of varying identities and impairments.

AWN has worked to conduct a women’s health provider survey to prepare a  database of intimate care providers.  These providers offer sensory friendly and accessible health care to Autistic women.

In it’s work to develop more inclusive, accessible communities and opportunities for Autistic women, AWN has focused on challenging societal attitudes about the worth of disabled lives.  AWN has called for the zealous prosecution of hate crimes against disabled people.

AWN welcomes all women, supporters of women, those who have at one time identified as women and non binary gender variant individuals.  AWN recognizes and affirms the gender identity of each individual.  AWN also welcomes the support and community of those who do not and have not identified as women as allies to support us in our work.

Community Guidelines:

1.  AWN  is a space to support Autistic women and girls.  The Autism Women’s Network was founded by and directed by Autistic women.  Those who support AWN’s mission and follow community guidelines are welcomed visitors.

2.  AWN uses identity first language, as we believe it is impossible to separate a person from their autism.    Identity first language both respects and affirms the worth and value of our Autistic identities.

3. Please stay on topic.  Comments that are not on topic or include links to unrelated subject matter will be deleted.

The Autism Women’s Network is Autistic Safe Space.  In order to keep this page safe for Autistic people:

  • We ask that visitors be aware of possible triggering language.
  • We do not use functioning labels (high/low functioning autism)
  • Hate speech, hostile and abusive language will be deleted.  Engaging in such behaviors will result in permanent banning from the community.
  • All comments suggesting that abuse or murder of disabled people is caused by lack of services will be deleted and the commenter will be banned. Lack of services or supports for disabled people and their caregivers is never a justification for murder or abuse.
  • AWN supports science based medicine that put the dignity and bodily autonomy of Autistic people first and foremost.  Comments or posts that advocate the use of “experimental” procedures and discredited ideas (chelation, MMS, lupron, anti-vaccine, etc.) will be deleted.
  • Parents, professionals, caregivers or other are welcomed visitors to our community, but we ask that you not speak over the voices of Autistic people.

This is an intentional community.  These guidelines are necessary to keep this space safe and inclusive for Autistic women and to keep our online community true to the mission of Autism Women’s Network.

If you have additional questions, please contact us at 402-512-3610; or you can email us directly at info@autismwomensnetwork.org or Lei Wiley-Mydske, AWN Community Outreach Coordinator: lei@autismwomensnetwork.org.

NOTICE:  All AWN articles on this website are offered as personal viewpoints of the author and should never be a substitute for your medical recommendations. Always consult your personal healthcare professional before making changes to your prescribed or recommended maintenance.